Mavi Jeans

MAVI s a brand we have been proud to carry for over 15 years. They epitomize great fit and trendsetting style and if you come in to the shop there is a good chance we will be wearing a pair.


These timeless jeans are from Turkey, Istanbul to be precise. That great crossroads where Europe and Asia mesh into one unique metropolis. Turkey has a well established clothing industry with many top designers. The quality of MAVI jeans is first-class, from seams and stitching to top-notch denims MAVI jeans are a fabulous buy. Not only that, in accordance with Cottons and Blues time honoured tradition of finding companies that aspire to sustainability and innovation within the industry, MAVI has a 30 year history of sourcing eco friendly denim that uses less water to produce, fewer chemicals and sustainable materials and production. That means 20% less annual water consumption, a 15% reduction in annual energy consumption and a 99% re-use of hot water and steam in the denim laundry process. To top that off 70% of MAVI products are treated with laser and sustainable wash processes.




Come in to Cottons and Blues and try on a pair.