Wanakome Men's

Are you a lover of the great outdoors, and we mean the great British Columbia outdoors. It doesn't get much wilder than the mountains and lakes of this great Province. Outdoors also means washing the truck and doing some detailing on the Barracuda just as much as it does bagging that first sockeye. You need durable comfortable gear.


The name Wanakome actually derives from a great lake, not here but "Down Under", lovely rugged New Zealand and Lake Wanaka. Wanaka and Home makes "Wanakome", a brand dedicated to you, the wilderness junkie and outdoors nut. If you aren't outside then you are simply not at home, you hang your hat on a branch. This is clothing for those needs, warm, functional, practical, handy, packable, scrunchable, technical. Soft yarns, proprietary fabrics and industry leading manufacturing meet the demands people put on their clothing, and they keep coming back for more.


Cottons and Blues, well being outdoors people ourselves, we bring in the best items from the Wanakome arsenal of outdoor clothing. We wear Wanakome because it is simply great outdoor clothing. Let us show you what is popular.