C'est Moi


Once again when we see Canadian innovation, we say "Yes"!


C'est Moi Clothing Co. is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario that caters to the younger ladies market specializing in lifestyle through both trendy and classic designs. Keeping up with the fast pace of modern fashion is no easy matter and C'est Moi has been a leader since 1989. They understand and recognize change when others do not If its "happening" you can be sure there is a C'est Moi outfit for you. There is a vast collection to choose from as well as the ever popular seamless collection available in a variety of colours, body styles and sizes. Most C'est Moi garments are one size and the brand offers bamboo blends for softness and colour fastness.


Cottons and Blues loves to bring in affordable styles and trends and we do it without sacrificing quality, versatility or longevity. Come on in and see why we are always excited to recommend C'est Moi.