Think Practicality

O'Neill clothing is simply legendary, it is the original surfing culture brand. It is about the outdoors, it is about exploring, it is about having fun and doing new things. Well, here in B.C, hey this is the home of outdoor pursuit and tell me an islander that doesn't have fond memories of getting out to our wild west coast. Long Beach, Ucluelet, Tofino, Kyuquot, San Josef Bay, this is "our" wild backyard and a surfer's paradise rivalling anywhere in the World.


Founded in 1952 by Jack O'Neill, the company started in San Francisco and moved south to Santa Cruz where he just happened to invent a pretty vital piece of gear, the wetsuit. If that was not enough to hang your hat on, his son Pat was also a keen surfer and had the great idea to put a rubber leash on a surfboard. It was the 60's and California surf culture was a phenomenon that identified  individual free spirit and health. The sound of The Beach Boys was iconic around the world.


Come on in to Cottons and Blues and find an O'Neill item that is inspiring for you, be it a stroll with the dog or a hiking trip up island. Get out there into your outdoor B.C. and do it with O'Neill comfort, practicality and style.