You want to look different and stand out in clothing that is easy to wear and crafted to need you desire for self expression? Here at Cottons and Blues we are proud to sell a brand that takes great delight in espousing that its clothes are for the curious-minded and those that like to defy convention. STANCE is for those that like the yes and no choices in the clothing that we wear, trial and error is a big part of the fun! 


The STANCE collection is about colour and the feel of unparalleled comfort brought to you by those that are willing to experiment so you can be who you are and say it in your own special way. STANCE clothing will amplify you so your confidence shines with distinctive designs and innovative materials that last. Stance come in sizes small to large, women's size 5 and men's size 13


Cottons and Blues is not about the ordinary which is why people keep coming back to us. We have the extraordinary.