Tentree Women's

Ethical manufacturing, climate action, the right materials, sustainability and, last but not least, tree planting! For every garment you purchase Tentree plants 10 trees.


Tentree offer garments in 100% organic sustainable cotton which can be found in seasonal items such as their sweaters. Sustainability is at the core of everything Tentree does from sourcing sustainable cotton supplies in Turkey or literally helping restore a forest in Indonesia. It's not just hype, Tentree is forwarding the conversation of how we produce garments and the cost to the environment associated with the industry. Tentree has been carbon neutral since 2020 and they have proudly published a climate action plan, impressive. That's even before we talk about the clothes they make.


Cottons and Blues share the values that Tentree have established, these are changing exciting times. We know the Tentree collections and best sellers and keep a strong selection for you to peruse in our store. Come and be part of the change. Come and tell us where Tentree planted your 10 trees and how they are getting on.